Software Engineer, Web Developer, Artist, Producer, Composer, Singer, Pianist, Guitarist, Bassist, Drummer, Creative, Innovator, Synth-Freak, Electronics-Geek...  I have developed a wide range of skills and experience in my lifetime and I never stop learning.  I am always looking for the next adventure and new opportunities to best utilize my unique skillset.

Honorable Mention

I hope you will enjoy my various compositions and recordings.  All pieces were composed and recorded by myself with the exception of "AGM Mock Up - The Dance of Time," which was composed by Andrew Gerlicher.  This version is my interpretation of his written score and served as my entry into the 2015 Andrew Gerlicher Mock Up Competition for which I received honorable mention.


Currently recording, producing, and co-writing on Chris Heifner's upcoming release, "Escape With Me."


Stay tuned!  I am in a season of writing with the intention of having public performances lined up later this year.


Working toward a Master of Music in Composition with the esteemed faculty of the University of Nevada, Reno.

coming soon